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A Passionate Leader in Network Visibility and Risk Quantification

Net-X Africa is an African-based cyber security company specializing in the security needs of digital businesses. Transforming your protection with our unique and innovative solutions, we allow companies and networks of all kinds to function in a safe environment free of threats and risks. Our highly professional team is guided by a commitment to brilliance in all aspects of cyber security processes, from risk quantification, malware prevention, and network security all the way to cloud and incident management. 

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the threats to your networks are also evolving rapidly. Hackers nowadays have more sophisticated tools that can breach even the most robust security walls. So, to tackle these challenges, you need to utilize unconventional and fool-proof protection methods that could punch all kinds of threats right on the face. 

Net-X Africa is a company where we’re making it possible!

At Net-X Africa, it’s not about cyber security in general –we put the emphasis on risk quantification, out-of-the-box techniques, and technical knowhow, thereby allowing your networks and web servers to perform at peak efficiency. We also harness the potential of NIST framework to make it easy for you to evaluate the current security risks and prioritize the most critical activities. This 360-degree approach allows us to safeguard your network infrastructure at the same time as implementing actionable measures that enable your business to think ahead, get ahead, and stay ahead for good.


To offer state-of-the-art cyber security solutions that improve the privacy posture of businesses and protecting them from threats.


To become a trusted and resilient cyber security company that goes the extra mile to overcome the security challenges of businesses operating in Africa.

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