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Uncover the cyber threats and ensure the safety of your networks with Net-X Africa, an innovative place where we combine expertise and cutting-edge technology to take your digital security to the next level


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Our uncompromising ability to protect your networks from all kinds of threats, coupled with our unmatched record of serving a wide array of industries, has cemented our position as a leading cyber security services provider in Africa


Who We Are

Net-X Africa is a leading cyber security services provider in Africa committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to optimize the security of networks, websites, and servers. We leverage an in-depth understanding of NIST framework and offer solutions that quantify the risks, protect your system against viruses, and prevent unauthorized access, all while making your network an invincible force on the web.

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Database Security

Get real-time protection for business databases that not only removes the internal and external exploits but also protects your business from deployment failures and injection attacks.

App Security

Blending technology with expertise, we are bringing a whole new world of security solutions that supercharge the operational efficiency of your apps and target the security risks at their roots.

Web Security

Want to protect your servers from security breaches? We’ve got you covered. No matter what threat your web applications are facing, we’ll fill the gaps before they even appear.

Ready to unlock the power of Protection?

A real-time protection for business databases that not only removes the internal and external exploits 

Intuitive network-based security system

Rebasoft offers support for key security controls through a single platform, enabling day-to-day security monitoring and supporting ...

Network Management Tools

Codima provides all inventory and asset information, mapped on the fly in the web map or in Visio, for documentation ..

Advanced Mobile Security

Zimperium, the global leader in mobile security, offers the only real-time, on-device, machine learning-based protection against Android, iOS, and Chromebooks threats...


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